Thursday, June 25, 2015

Death Walks in Eastrepps - Francis Beeding

This was a terrific old mystery, published in 1931.  I'd heard of the author, but it wasn't until I read a review of Death Walks in Eastrepps on another blog that I decided I wanted to read it.  I've been extremely self-indulgent lately and ordered a copy.  I'm still being good about reading and passing on my books.  This was a Dover paperback, not a keeper, but I love the weight and feel of the paper and the look of the type in most of Dover's books.

Robert Eldridge is a wealthy businessman who lives in Eastrepps and works in London.  He's also having an affair with the married Margaret Withers, who also lives in Eastrepps.  Tuesday, he goes to London for business and  he returns on Thursday.  Except that he really returns on Wednesday, spends Wednesday night with Margaret, and then pretends to return from London on Thursday.  Every week.

Unfortunately for Eldridge, people in Eastrepps are being murdered on Wednesday nights.  His sneaking around to spend the night with Margaret looks suspicious to the police.  Is he the Eastrepps Evil, the murderer?  But there's also the upperclass lunatic whose parents have hidden him in Eastrepps with a guardian.  And there's Margaret's no-good cousin, who fancies Margaret for himself but is not above blackmailing her wealthy boyfriend.

I will look for other mysteries by Francis Beeding.  The writing is good and the plot is good, although it's a bit of a dark mystery.  The murderer is not the only one who suffers.


  1. This sounds great, thanks for the review. It was recently reprinted by Arcturus & I bought a remaindered copy so it's on my tbr shelves.

    1. I hope you enjoy it. I liked the clear writing that made it easy to move along with the story.