Saturday, December 30, 2017

December's Books

Not that anyone's been clamoring for more, but I hope to get back to more frequent and chattier posts after 2018 gets underway.  We're still in the middle of moving, painting and overseeing a few updates to the new house and decluttering the old one.  Next Sunday is our first and only open house for the sale.  Fingers crossed that someone falls in love with all the old woodwork, the swinging kitchen door with stained glass, and all the other little and big things.  We're hoping that someone will be as happy in this house as we hope to be in our new one.

Before I get to the books I read, I'm so sad to read that Sue Grafton has died.  I love the Kinsey Millhone books and was eagerly waiting for the 'Z' book.  Grafton's husband says that she didn't get to write 'Z', so, for some of us, the alphabet will forevermore be incomplete.  I heard Grafton interviewed several years ago and she seemed like someone who was down to earth and would be fun to know.  RIP.

I didn't have time to read much in December, but I took a break from cleaning today and finished two books.  Here's what I read in December:

I Know a Secret  -  Tess Gerritsen

Life from Scratch  -  Sasha Martin

Double, Double  -  Ellery Queen

Death Overdue  -  Mary Lou Kirwin

Poison in the Pen  -  Patricia Wentworth

Harcore Twenty-Four  -  Janet Evanovich

Anne of Avonlea  -  L. M. Montgomery

A Little Neighborhood Murder  -  A. J. Orde

One day soon, I hope to be lying on the sofa in my new library, listening to the birds and watching the trees sway in the wind.