Monday, November 2, 2015

October Books

Despite a very chaotic month, I managed to read a few books.  I was too lazy to blog about most of them.  Sorry.  Here they are.

Show Boat  -  Edna Ferber

     I didn't like this one as much as I liked So Big.  I plan to read Cimarron one of these days.

Death on the Dragon's Tongue  -  Margot Arnold

     The Toby Glendower / Penny Spring archeological mysteries are usually good.  I like them so much that I tracked them all down on the Internet.  This one, which took place in Brittany, didn't hold my attention.  Maybe that was because I read it in the middle of some of the aforementioned chaos.

My Mother Was Nuts  -  Penny Marshall

     This was purely a distraction for me.  I came away with a completely different perception of Penny Marshall, of Laverne and Shirley, actress and director.  I didn't think it was particularly well written and it jumped around a lot.  It was more like a casual chat than an autobiography.

City of Shadows  -  Ariana Franklin

     I especially enjoyed City of Shadows, a suspense / murder novel about a woman who pretended to be, Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II.  It's got a kicker of a surprise ending.

The Abbey Court Murder  -  Annie Haynes

     Annie Haynes is all the rage at the moment.  I bought three of her mysteries for a few dollars for my Kindle.  This one was good, so I'm eager to read the others.  This was one of those books where I wanted to reach into the pages and shake a few people for being idiots, though.

Thunder Bay  -  William Kent Krueger

     I also liked Thunder Bay, which is one of the series about Cork Corcoran, an ex-sheriff who solves mysteries in Minnesota.  It's full of action and I like the deep woods locales.

I hope to do better in November


  1. Seems like a pretty good October to me!

    1. Seems a little sparse to me, and I really should get back to reading more books of substance (read 'Classics'). It's just so much fun reading mysteries!