Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February Books

I only read a paltry seven books in February.  I had too many things on my mind and couldn't settle or concentrate.  I have started a bunch of books, but we'll see how I do finishing them.  Here are the ones I finished:

     The Rogue Not Taken  -  MacLean
     The Road to Little Dribbling  -  Bryson

     A Faint Cold Fear  -  Slaughter

     Forty Plus and Fancy Free  -  Kimbrough

     Growing Up  -  Thirkell

     Murder by the Book  -  Brown

     Boundary Waters  -  Krueger

I hope to read more in March.  Spring is coming, isn't it?  Today is windy and much colder than yesterday.  Maybe the seasons are going backward.


  1. You did way better than me, Joan. I only got 3 1/2 read. I just bought Murder by the Book!

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    2. I guess we can't read like maniacs all the time. That stupid thing called 'life' keeps getting in the way!

  2. That's more than a book a week which sounds pretty darn good to me!

    1. I know. Most people probably don't read seven books in a year. But we're not most people, are we?