Friday, April 1, 2016

Moby Dick - Audio

I just noticed this link at the Books on the Nightstand web site.  I read a few chapters of Moby Dick in a high school English class, but I've never read the whole book.  It's a book I think I should read, so I pulled it off my shelf and have been looking at it and moving it around for many months.

This link sounds interesting.  The entire book is read by people whose names you might know and some whose names you might not.  Either way, it's been suggested by other readers that the key to getting through and enjoying some of the longer classics is to listen to them while reading.



  1. I read Moby Dick last year and I can't say it was a favourite classic read, it was good in parts and awful elsewhere - I thought.

    1. I know most people think it's a daunting book, but I'd like to read it. There are some books, especially those deemed classics, that I think must be worth reading. I'm hoping the audio will help me along.