Thursday, March 16, 2017

Snow Day Madness

A 'perfect storm' (I survived a couple of those when I lived in New England) was predicted for this past Monday night and Tuesday.  We were all going to die if we stepped outside or didn't have enough chips and beer to last for a week or two.

We took appropriate action and broke open a jigsaw puzzle, which soon became an obsession.  In less than two days, we were finished.  We've vowed not to start another one right away.  Maybe next week.  I've been buying them and stockpiling them (for the perfect storm), but we don't have a good place to work on them.  This time, I sacrificed half of the dining room table.

Here are two photos, one in progress and one of the finished puzzle.  I like these old travel posters, as do a couple other bloggers I know.


  1. It's lovely, I must look out for that one. We have one of The Cotswolds from the same series but I'm keeping it for next winter. I think we all get obsessed by jigsaw puzzles, just like that Laurel and Hardy film!

    1. I know you like these old travel posters, as do I. Thanks for reminding me about the Laurel & Hardy jigsaw puzzle film. It's a hoot!