Thursday, March 26, 2015

A White Nose in the Rain

I was driving today.
In the rain.
A livestock trailer full of cattle
Was parked beside the road.

I shouldn't have looked,
I told myself I wouldn't look.
I know what happens
If there are animals in the trailer.

As I passed, I saw a white nose
Pushed through the gaps in the trailer.
And I cried because I'd seen the condemned
Taking a last breath of fresh air.


  1. And now you are making me cry!

    1. My heart breaks and I die a little every time I think of the millions of animals slaughtered for food every year. Each one is a sacred life, unique and worthy of respect.

    2. It hasn't been a good day for the animals. Jack swerved to avoid a pheasant which was just beginning to cross the road in front of us and it sped up! determined to be hit it seems. I was screaming. How pheasants aren't extinct is beyond me.

    3. Oh, dear, I don't think I want to know who won that battle! Does this have anything to do with why the chicken crossed the road?