Thursday, March 12, 2015

Murder on the Champ de Mars - Cara Black

I recently reviewed the previous book in this series and decided that I had had about enough of the protagonist, Aimee Leduc.  She now has a 6-month-old daughter, Chloe, who hasn't slowed Aimee down much at all.  She's still climbing over walls, racing around on her scooter, and putting herself in jeopardy.  The baby's father, Aimee's ex-sometimes-boyfriend, shows up with his new wife to claim shared custody of his daughter.  Aimee is freaked out, but she also questions whether Chloe would be better off living a safe life in the country.  Most of her time with Aimee in Paris is spent in child care.

Aimee is still trying to find out who was responsible for her father's death, killed in an explosion ten years ago.  A young Gypsy boy tells her that his mother, Drina, is dying and wants to talk to Aimee about her father's death before she dies.  She promised Aimee's father that she would tell Aimee the truth.  Aimee goes to the hospital but the woman is missing.  Aimee finds her and hears her last words.  But they're puzzling, something about Tesla and Fifi, and some is in the Romany language.

She enlists some of her father's old friends to find out what happened.  Over the years since her father's death, they've been family to her.  A cover up was involved, but who was involved in the cover up?  Who are Tesla and Fifi?

Murder on the Champ de Mars moves along at a nice pace.  I thought it was more interesting and better plotted than some of the others in the series.  There are parts where I couldn't stop reading.  I think I'll suspend my decision to stop reading about Aimee Leduc and see if I like the next one.

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