Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Zadok's Treasure - Margot Arnold

Oh, dear, I've found a new author to obsess over.  Margot Arnold's Sir Tobias Glendower and Dr. Penny Spring are archeologists.  The author, too, had a degree in prehistoric archeology and anthropology from Oxford.  In Zadok's Treasure, Toby is asked to look for Bill Pearson, an old friend who has disappeared from a dig in Israel.  Bill was searching for the lost treasure of Zadok, high priest to King Solomon.

Toby asks Penny to come along to help him.  He plans to go to the dig to find what he can and wants Penny to stay safely in Jerusalem to tend to the missing man's wife and to look for clues there.  There are terrorists loose in the desert in addition to a murderer.  Toby finds the tortured body of his friend in a cave near the dig.  He also finds a scrap of what appears to be an ancient scroll that Bill found and hid.  If it's authentic, it could change the world.

There are suspects galore:  almost everyone on the dig, the workers at the dig, another archeologist who appeared around the time Bill disappeared, Bill's wife, her boyfriend, robbers.  The local police aren't a great help, except for one.

I liked the relationship between Penny and Toby.  I liked the archeological aspect of the mystery.  I thought the writing was good and the story gripping.  I read The Cape Cod Conundrum years ago and now I'm on a search to find more Toby and Penny mysteries.  Unfortunately, the Philadelphia library system doesn't have any of them.  Can that be true?

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