Saturday, August 15, 2015

Grilled Eggplant and Lemon Slices

My husband is a great cook and he enjoys it.  I'm a good cook, too, but I mostly see cooking as another household chore.  I like to bake.  My mother was a fantastic baker, so I'm spoiled for homemade cakes, pies, and cookies.  Unfortunately, with just the two of us, a cake or pie or a couple of dozen cookies can spell dietary disaster.

Jack found a bunch of grilled vegetable recipes on the Internet and we've been feasting this week.  I think they're all from Bon Appetit.  This is the only one I took a photo of, but they were all keepers.  This is the grilled eggplant, grilled lemon slices, and yogurt recipe.  I don't like eggplant unless it's grilled to within an inch of its life, so I liked this one.  The grilled lemon slices were different.  Their flavor was so strong that I could only eat a couple of them.  But the flavors of this dish were an interesting and successful combination.

Because I'm a vegan, we swapped out the labneh (Lebanese strained yogurt), which I doubt we could have found anyway, for plain, unsweetened  coconut milk yogurt.  I tried to strain it, but that didn't work.  So we settled for making it a creamy sauce to put the grilled vegetables on.  From the magazine photo, theirs was thicker, like cream cheese.  But it tasted good to us.


  1. We're not crazy about aubergine either but I'll give this on a go as you enjoyed it so much, and I love lemons.
    I know what you mean about the baking, it's not so bad if what you bake will freeze well, otherwise it's that - one minute on the lips = one month on the hips!

    1. I think the flavor of eggplant changes dramatically when it's charred a bit. I dislike it otherwise, when it's pale and mushy. The grilled lemons are interesting, something I would never have thought of trying.