Friday, June 2, 2017

May I Share a Few Titles With You?

Here are the books I finished in May.  I have posts on two of them ready to publish, but I'll space out my posts a bit.  I hope you had a good reading month.

The Fortnight in September  -  R. C. Sherriff

Cargo of Eagles  -  Margery Allingham

Another Year  -  R. C. Sherriff

McNally's Secret  -  Lawrence Sanders

The Monkey's Mask  -  Dorothy Porter

The Moving Finger  -  Agatha Christie

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea  -  Jules Verne

The Case of William Smith  -  Patricia Wentworth


  1. I've only read Cargo of Eagles - back in 2013 and I seem to have found it a bit sad, with Campion ageing - and Allingham dying before she could finish it - although her husband wrote the ending. Is the Wentworth book a Miss Silver mystery?

    1. I agree. Campion played a very small part in the story, and he and his friends were depicted as on the oldish side (of course, the older I get, the farther I slide that 'old' line!).
      Yes, the Wentworth is a Miss Silver mystery. But, like the Allingham book, Miss Silver doesn't appear until late in the story.