Wednesday, July 5, 2017

100,000 Wild Horses May Die

In order to save money that they've already wasted on cruel and ineffective roundups, the Bureau of Land Management is now asking Congress to lift the ban on killing healthy wild horses and burros under their 'protection'.  This cannot happen.  We cannot let this happen.
          If in addition to your Congresspeople you call the White House, remind them that President Trump promised to give government back to the people.  We are the people and we want our wild horses and burros protected, as they currently are under federal law.  Ask your Congresspeople to strongly oppose lifting the ban on killing healthy wild horses and burros.   It takes only a few minutes to call.  Participate in our democracy or it goes away.

          (The links below will give you a short 'speech' for talking to your Congresspeople.  Unfortunately, it will also give you links to my Congresspeople.  You'll have to look up your own Congresspeople  -  if you don't already have them on speed-dial like I do!)

1) The Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) 2018 budget asks Congress to lift a ban on destroying healthy mustangs and burros. 
2) If the ban is lifted, wild horses and burros in holding facilities will be killed or sold to slaughter. The remaining "excess" population will be slaughtered, possibly gunned-down in the wild. Up to 92,000 healthy horses will die.

If this sounds like the worst-case-scenario for our cause, it is. If Congress accepts the BLM's budget provision, we would see an unprecedented mass slaughter of healthy horses and burros. It would lead to horses being slaughtered for human consumption. It would destroy our nation's icons of freedom. It would be a tragedy. 
We're kicking off the first of two weeks of action to stop this nightmare from becoming reality. Today, we need you to contact your member of Congress.

Our leaders must hear us loud and clear: #NoHorseSlaughter. No way. 

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