Saturday, July 1, 2017

What I Read in June, Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation So Far

I don't think many of us post about all the books we read.  Sometimes we don't want to write a bad review, so we skip that book.  Sometimes we just have nothing much to say about a book, even though we might have enjoyed it.  Here's my list of what I read in June.  Again, it's a list heavy in mysteries.  I should just accept that I'm a mystery junkie and always have been.

The Potter's Field  -  Andrea Camilleri

McNally's Luck  -  Lawrence Sanders

North and South  -  Elizabeth Gaskell

A Cat With the Blues  -  Lydia Anderson

The Travelling Hornplayer  -  Barbara Trapido

Toby's Folly  -  Margot Arnold

Manitou Canyon  -  William Kent Krueger

Knife Creek  -  Paul Doiron

The Lady of Sorrow  -  Anne Zouroudi

I finally got audio CDs for Don Quixote, which I'm hoping to finish one of these days.  I have a few other books partly read that I'd like to finish this summer.  But then there are all those unread books in my house and all those recommended on your blog posts!


  1. That is a nice list. I have not read anything by William Kent Krueger, Paul Doiron, or Anne Zouroudi, but I want to try all of them.

    I used to review all the books I read (or all the fiction anyway) but then I got behind and decided that wasn't going to be possible. Now I definitely skip books that I cannot say anything good about and there are others I can't get to reviewing. I need to learn to do shorter posts.

    1. I really like Doiron and Krueger. I'm a bit on the fence with Zouroudi.
      I hate to take the time for long posts because I want to get on to the next book. I also don't like reading posts that are too detailed. I feel like I've read a condensed version of the book sometime.

  2. I'm about six books behind in reviews I think. I've read The Potter's Field, and I've seen in TWICE on TV.

    1. I wish I could find that TV series. I've looked several places but haven't found one I could watch. Maybe on YouTube?
      I think if we reviewed every book we read, we'd never have time to read!