Sunday, December 20, 2015

Apple - Raspberry Pie

I recently read a recipe for Raspberry-Apple pie and cut it out of the magazine.  But I love my late mother's pie crust recipe, which is, and has always been, vegan.  I suspect that it might have come from the Crisco can.  But it's easy to make and it's lovely and flaky and I don't like any other pie crust.  So I ended up using her apple pie recipe and adding a cup of frozen raspberries, as the new recipe said to do.

The frozen raspberries made the filling too wet.  I noticed that before I dumped the filling into the crust, so I drained most of the liquid first.  That worked just fine.  I'm not sure I liked the recipe, though.  The pie looked a little gory to me.  Maybe I watch too many crime shows.  I've just started watching Fargo, which is rife with gore.  But funny.

Anyway, the pie tasted good and looked pretty good.  I would have liked it just a tad more golden, but I'm blaming that on my stupid, awful Wolf range that I hate.  The oven heats unevenly and does a bunch of other things I didn't expect in such a top of the line appliance.  I'd never buy another one.


  1. It looks luscious to me, not gory, and as it happens I have some frozen raspberries left over from the summer harvest. I'll be sure to drain the juice off though.

    1. I don't know. I still think it looks gory. I would definitely drain the raspberries if they're frozen. Maybe using fresh ones would be better, but the recipe called for frozen ones. You're lucky to have raspberries you can pick yourself. Jealous!