Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Eve Dinner

I finished a book last night and will post about that shortly.  We didn't really feel like celebrating this year.  Maybe we look at things through the wrong end of the glass.  We should be more thankful for all the lives, human and otherwise, we are allowed to share our lives with.  We do our best to treat all respectfully and compassionately, and I suppose that's all we can do.

Philadelphia has two sets of fireworks for New Year's Eve.  There's a 6:00PM show and a midnight show.  You can imagine the difference between the two.  Lots of families with children at the first, lots of exuberant revelers at the latter.  The fireworks are set off along the Delaware River and prime viewing spots are only a few blocks from our house.  The fireworks are pretty, but leave it to me to worry about frightening animals and birds.

We managed to motivate ourselves to make a decent dinner last night, not as extravagant as some years.  Jack made black bean burgers and rice pilaf.  I tried a new recipe for cauliflower buffalo 'wings'.  We liked the 'wings', but I used regular Frank's Hot Sauce instead of their Buffalo Wing Sauce.  Although I practically drink Frank's Hot Sauce, the wings were too hot for me.  Jack had no problem with them and had two helpings.  I'll make them again and use the Buffalo Sauce and hope they're not as hot.

Would it be silly of me to wish for a more peaceful and compassionate 2016?



  1. What happened to the tapas? I love black bean burgers. Bookman makes some excellent ones that we had a few nights ago. There is nothing wrong with a quiet celebration. And I think wishing for a more peaceful and compassionate 2016 is a very good wish! I hope the same! All the best to you and Jack!

    1. We weren't in a very celebratory mood this year, so we opted for a simpler dinner. It was very good. Much to my surprise, I managed to stay awake until after midnight.
      A very happy New Year to you and Bookman!