Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lament for a Lady Laird - Margot Arnold

Dr. Penny Spring is invited to the Highlands by an old school friend who has recently found herself an heiress.  She is now a 'lady laird'.  When Penny arrives at the remote estate, she finds her friend scared out of her wits.  The house is haunted.  Or someone is trying to frighten her off.

Penny believes it's the latter.  She gets to know the locals, their history, and their tangled relationships.  There are the lovers married to other people, the jealous homely wife, people who resent outsiders.  Then there are the murders.

Penny asks her sidekick, Sir Toby Glendower, to come and help her solve the mystery.  Which they do.

I like this series because most of them involve archeology and because I like the characters.  There's not much archeology in this one, other than an unexcavated long barrow.  But it was still a fun book.


  1. It sounds good. I've had a look around but it looks like these books are easier to get in the US. I'll put her on my list!

    1. Its's frustrating when books we want or authors we want to read are more easily available in other places.