Saturday, September 10, 2016

Please Don't Let This Happen

Please sign up to sign on-line petitions.  Please call your congress people about this.  Donate if you can.  Every bit helps.  This is a betrayal of a responsibility.  It's money over right.  It's wrong.

We have breaking good news, and, unfortunately, bad news of the utmost urgency.
First the good news: Earlier today, the BLM informed AWHPC and The Cloud Foundation that it was cancelling plans to proceed with the mare sterilization experiments that we have been fighting since January. The agency stated that its decision to drop these dangerous and cruel experiments was a direct response to our First Amendment lawsuit to uphold the public's right to observe and document this government operation.
There is no time to celebrate this victory sparing 200 mares from invasive experiments that would have endangered their lives and the lives of their unborn foals.
That's because also today, the BLM National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board passed an “emergency” resolution calling on the BLM to “euthanize” captured wild horses in holding facilities. Only one member – our friend and colleague Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation – dissented.
That’s right, this “citizen” advisory board wants the BLM to kill up to 45,000 innocent wild horses and burros! And the BLM will be only happy to comply….if it can convince Congress to lift the current ban on destroying healthy horses.
The move to kill captured wild horses is the culmination of the BLM’s deliberate creation of a crisis -- both on the range and off the range -- by refusing to use the proven PZP fertility control to humanely manage wild horse populations, and by failing to adequately reduce livestock grazing throughout five years of drought in the West.
Now the agency wants these American icons to pay the price for its willful and decades-long mismanagement.
In the coming weeks, we will be sharing actions you can take to fight this pending tragedy. Meanwhile, please donate as generously as you can as we double down on our grassroots and legislative work to prevent the mass killing of wild horses and burros.
This is a do or die moment... Thank you for being on our team as we fight for the future of our mustangs and burros.  
In Freedom,
Suzanne Roy, Executive Director

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